Biologically Activated Cocktail


BAC hydroponic plant nutrients provide the perfect balance of science and nature.


Our products are light years ahead of the competition.


With extensive research and testing, BAC has engineered the finest nutrients, organic or mineral and organic hydroponic additives and organic stimulators for supreme plant vigour and vitality.


Simplistic in application yet highly evolved in understanding and design. Countless growers throughout the world, are discovering and have discovered that B.A.C organic hydroponic products are the best nutrition you can give your plants. Whether it be from the home hydroponic enthusiast to the largest hydroponic agricultural concerns in Europe. These people / entities are now relying on B.A.C to give them the edge to produce the finest fruits and vegetables your plants can possibly grow.


Dutch Bio-Power is very proud to be the exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor for B.A.C.



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